Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top 3 Hotels in Maldives

Angsana Resort and Spa Maldives Ihuru: Angsana Resort and Spa Maldives Ihuru is surrounded by evergreen nature. From the comfort of your own villa you can see the beautiful coral reefs and white sand beach with palm trees. Surrounded by a shallow lagoon and a nearby reef, the island is ideal for snorkeling and diving.
Angsana Resort serves an enticing array of dining options. Riveli dinner at restaurant, bar Velaavani a quiet romantic dinner in the privacy of your own villa or on the beach on a sandbar near protected or a glass bottom boat, private dining places are only limited by your imagination. Angsana Maldives is a paradise for food, perfect for those who live to eat.

Baros, a place for love: Baros Maldives is wonderfull in view where luxury villas blend seamlessly into its surroundings tropical private island. Thatched roofs and hammocks to capture the essence of the Maldives, while the elegant interiors, luxurious bathrooms and outdoor wineries ensure that staff are well looked after. Eat the view from the restaurant Faro, where you can savor modern eclectic cuisine, or the hotel will gladly arrange the sandbar experience romantic dinner tailored to your needs. A totally romantic option, this extraordinary hotel is sure to impress.
Baros Maldives is an exotic luxury resort in Maldives coral island surrounded by a jewel in the heart of the pristine waters of the Maldives.
Large withdrawals through a lush forest, a wide range of innovative cuisine and a variety of modern amenities and facilities offered at this resort in the Maldives for guests with a relaxed, enjoyable holiday like no other.

Kanuhura: Kanuhura is one of the best five-star hotel in maldives, a unique resort where service is understood and luxury is elegantly discreet, offering attention to detail. The island setting is peacefull provides a beautiful backdrop for a tropical world of relaxed elegance. Built on an atoll island with a wide range of activities, sports, restaurants and bars. Nearby are some of the world's best dive sight.
The Spa has its own flag Veyoge superb with a health and beauty center, beauty salon, exercise, meditation and fitness. Every effort has been made to preserve the natural beauty of the island and where possible, natural materials were used. Only one third of the surface of the island has been used for buildings, leaving a feeling of spaciousness and tropical splendor congratulated for its size and design. Kanuhura offers a choice of relaxing or more sports oriented, active vacation experience.


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