Thursday, May 17, 2012

Royal Island Resort And Spa In Maldives

Close your eyes and visualize - A dream of Paradise, a setting of tranquility and splendor within the heart of the Indian Ocean. A Maldivian Island with stunning Banyan trees protruding amongst the luxurious inexperienced shrubs and vegetation. An Island surrounded by crystal clear blue lagoon encompassing spectacular tropical marine life with an array of vibrant colours. A prestigious discovery in your terribly own idyllic little world. this is often in fact Royal Island Resort & Spa ‘From dream to Reality’.

Unique Maldivian Hospitality 

Experience the distinctive Royal hospitality, a legacy of many years of proud history. The grandmother of the good Maldivian hero of all time, Boduthakurufaan, created this island her home and is buried here. The remnant of this wealthy historical heritage is preserved for its symbiosis with the native social and natural atmosphere, epitomizing the Maldivian hospitality. Today, Royal Island may be a vibrant reality, a wedding of ancient traditions and fashionable living, dedicated to make sure that guests expertise the center and soul of Maldives at Royal Island. 

Welcome To Royal Island    
Commonly called Horubadhoo, Located in Baa atoll, 118km North West of MalĂ©, the capital town of the Maldives. Of a complete of fifty islands within the Baa atoll, just one fifth of them conjure the population of this atoll. The remaining islands are deserted with unspoiled wildlife and barely trodden-on beaches. a number of these neighboring uninhabited islands are ideal picnic spots for guests of the Royal Island and Spa. as a result of the placement of Baa atoll it's influenced by the southwest monsoon, particularly from could to July, bringing in giant quantities of nutrients from the encompassing ocean which magnetize whale sharks and manta rays. the most occupation of the folks of this atoll is tuna fishery. a number of the islanders are renowned for his or her skilled craftsmanship. Lacquer ware may be a significantly distinctive creation of the folks of Thulhaadhoo and is sold in several memento outlets and resort boutiques. Eydhafushi, the capital island of Baa atoll is known for ‘feyli’ weaving – a traditional-style wraparound skirt for girls.  

How To Get There 

Is a swish journey by seaplane from the most airport to Baa Atoll. The Trans Maldivian Airways twin-otter float plane takes thirty five minutes to achieve the Royal Island platform. Before departure, Trans Maldivian Airways provides guests with the comfort of waiting within the Royal Lounge owned and operated by Royal Island. Once the seaplane reaches the Royal Island platform, a neighborhood boat can choose the purchasers from the platform to Royal, that takes regarding 3-5 minutes to achieve Royal Island. 


Beach Villa

Amidst this tropical paradise are your classically designed superior quality beach villas. Every villa is supplied with all the amenities you'd expect from a 5 star resort for your comfort and relaxation. From the minute you step into your luxurious area you'll fell likeroyalty. Every villa is rigorously made from Merbau wood, that is extremely distinctive during this a part of the globe. The upholstery and decor you'll agree has been designed in a very actually elegant vogue.

The breathtaking views from your villa of the Indian Ocean will definitely cause you to feel as if you have got found the foremost idyllic place for your vacation.

Presidential Suites

Sanctuaries amidst the vast Indian Ocean, the Han'dhu and Iru Suites of Royal Island are indeed magical in their suites are spacious and boast all fashionable comforts presented harmoniously with the natural charm of the tropical splendor. Built, decked and furnished elegantly in wood and different natural materials, each adjoining talc white beach and crystal clear lagoon. 

For the true romance of a true island depart, each suites provide the privacy and luxury of a loved home with options of highest-class suites.


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